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In this blog I'm going to show you my watercolor paintings, and also the step by step for some of them.
I'm also going to share some of my digital artwork, 3d images created and rendered in Bryce.

I will post also some of my crafty projects and some pics of the place where I live, just for fun!
Hope you'll enjoy!!!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Introducing myself

I live, and always did, in Como, on beautiful Lake Como. I had a chance to buy a home some years ago in a very sunny position and that overlooks the bay.

It was love at first sight and, as often happens in my life, this chance came quite unexpectedly.
I have a wonderful and inspiring view

The house vas built in 1901 and was in very poor conditions, so it took me lots of efforts and money and elbow grease to get it where I wanted to, a cozy little nest, a place that literally embraces me and makes me feel at home!

The roof of my home is my terrace, it still needs working but hey, Rome was not built in a day!!!! :)

I spend lots of time here during spring and summertime, I love to plant veggies, I have lots of herbs like rosemary, sage and so on, love picking the fresh veggies, it's lots of fun!

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