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In this blog I'm going to show you my watercolor paintings, and also the step by step for some of them.
I'm also going to share some of my digital artwork, 3d images created and rendered in Bryce.

I will post also some of my crafty projects and some pics of the place where I live, just for fun!
Hope you'll enjoy!!!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doggie update

Ok, so I found out that the doggie with blue eyes is a pitbull, not suitable for a person like me at her first dog experience.
So I browsed another site, saw the pic of a doggie I liked and wrote a presentation email to them asking if the doggie was still awailable for adoption.
No reply.
I called them this morning. The lady said she hadn't got any email, anyway that doggie had already requests, I told her that there was another doggie I could be interested in, and she replied to fill in the adoption form, which I did immediately. I also resent the email.
No answer.
I called again asking if there were problems and if I had to keep searching....and she replied: KEEP SEARCHING!!!!

Now, I'd like to know why........I'm quite mad at this.
You see all these heart tearing ads, you call because you wish to rescue a doggie from a dog shelter, you call and do all the stuff and they say keep searching.....ARE YOU KIDDING????

I am a good person and wish to have a dog, but it seems like I'm trying to adopt a baby.....this is a nonsense....how many poor dogs out there and not able to rescue one.......... :(

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

New doggie?

Lately my attention has been focused on the search of a dog to keep me company. I cannot think about anything else. I never had a dog in my life, been always a cat lover, but in this period of my life I feel the love of a dog is what I need.
My life has dramatically changed in the last 2 years, I lost my mom and my beloved cat Max in 6 months, had to move..........
Now I feel ready to have a companion, and I think this will be a turn in my life.
I went to the local dog pound, and there I fell in love with such a cute beagle, unfortunately she was already "booked" by another family. There weren't many dogs there, I think max 15, and all were quite old. Coming from the loss of my family, and being at my first experience with dogs, I'd like to get a puppy that I can fully enjoy.....

So I started searching websites that put up ads from different dog pounds all over the country, and I saw a doggie that was really adorable, but when I called....it had already been adopted...... :( great disappointment!!!
I didn't know it was so difficult to rescue a puppy!!!!

Then I came through this cutie......so adorable! <3

What hit my heart was that incredibly sad look and oh, the color of his eyes. I called immediately.....
Thanks God he is still available for adoption.
I filled in the adoption form and sent it back. Now I'm waiting for the next step, that should be someone from the dog pound coming and checking where I live,
I'm so impatient and I'm sure that when he finally comes home, I will paint more than one portrait of him.... <3

Will keep you up to date, and please send me your positive thoughts so that my dream can come true.....

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a great afternoon!!!!

Spring is blooming everywhere, so I felt like painting in the open today.

I just drew a couple of ovals for the flowers, then I started painting very freely.

The sun was warm, there was breeze, how could I not stay in the sun???

I wanted to do this because, due to the sun and breeze, paper was drying quite quickly, not giving me the time "to think".
I had lots of fun, did not think about the final result.

Here it is, fresh and joyful! :)

....Note to self: do this more often!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Here's a little project I did to recycle a duvet cover I had done some years ago in patchwork.

Here it was, on my old bed that I had painted and decoupaged

As it was not easy to put the duvet inside it, I decided to find some other use for it.
The first thing I came pu with was a cover for my mom's sewing machine. It originally had a wooden cabinet where it could be stored with all the accessories, but when I had to sell her home, I did not have any space to keep the whole thing, so I got rid of the wooden part and actually store the sewing machine in my cabinet.

Here I am cutting the fabric. I used a piece of fleece I had laying around as backing

Doing some quilting....

My sewing machine, time to see if I did the measurements right..... :)

Luckily it seems I did!

The other side

And here a close-up of the quilting I did, very easy, but that's what I can do! :)

I did a hand sewn puffy edge with a jeans blue thick silk thread.

Et voila, done! :)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I am a sweet tooth......

I really have a passion for sweets, and I try to experiment with unusual combinations whenever I can.
Here is a compilation of jams, they were a success among my friends too!!!!
I usually use a 3:1 ratio, 3 parts fruit 1 part sugar, and pectin to jellify.

This one isn't very appealing to the eye, but the taste is just fab!!!!

I had lots of persimmons and many kiwis, I would have never been able to eat them before they went bad, so I decided to try and put them together. I also added some vanilla seeds.....delicious!!!!!

I am lucky enough to have a small peach tree on the terrace......

and a wonderful big vase of strawberries......I usually pick up the ready ones, freeze them, and when I have enough I can make either marmalade or liquor...

The following one is just that: my strawberries, my peaches, an apple and mint!

I also like making strawberry glaze, perfect for filling cakes and cupcakes....

It's longer to make compared to jams, as you have to squish all the fruit through a sieve, but it's rather beautiful and smooth looking, and oh, so delicious!!!

These were mixed berries: strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with lemon juice

last year I went with my "sister" (she's my best friend so we call each other sis) to a small village up the mountains. There you may find lots and lots of elderberries, they are a gift of nature, and they are free, so we picked up quit a lot of them. getting all the berries off the stems is a bit of work, but the result was great! I mixed them with strawberries

....perfect on scones!!!!

Here I experimented with pineapple and mangoes, with some ginger for a twist!

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

And here's the one I did a few days ago, pineapple and strawberries with ginger

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