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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Garza papel paper

I had a chance to test one of the 2 samples I received from Garza Papel, and more precisely the one weighing 180 grs 14 x 20 cm.

The paper arrived fairly quickly, and very nicely packed.
This is handmade paper, manufactured with 100% recycled cotton.

I'm not used to painting on such a small size and wanted to achieve no masterpiece. I also never used that paper weight before, I always use 300 grs because it has more strength and has less buckling after you wet it over and over.

What I noticed apart from the extreme whiteness, is the tooth, a very different texture compared to Arches' that I normally use.
The photo here shows some blue hue due to the morning light.

This is how the paper looked like after applying the first wash, nearly no buckling at all.
The feel whilst using the brush was of softness, yet a good roughness to help particular brush strokes.

This is the finished test.
I really used lots of water and many washes.
As you may see, the paper got minor buckling, compared to the relatively light weight of the paper.

I must say I'm really satisfied, looking forward to trying the 300 grs sample.
Definitely will get some sheets when I run out of  my Arches stock. Not much price difference, slightly more pricey, but still affordable. And top quality.

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